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The combination of science, historic context and artistic competence in the conservation of furniture has always been at the core of our services. For over three decades we have been providing museum quality furniture conservation services to a variety of period styles and origins.

The frequent or even constant use of furniture over the course of its lifetime has taken its toll. Centuries old furniture rarely has an original finish, has usually undergone numerous repairs and often has replacements to its decorative and even structural components.  Often these alterations have compromised the integrity of the piece. These and other factors make the conservation of furniture a complex and challenging undertaking and requires a broad area of expertise.
Developing a treatment plan based on a thorough inspection and evaluation of an object's condition. This can include microscopic and chemical verification of the contents of the finish history, wood species and gilding make up. Non- material research can be performed to understand an object's place of manufacture, provenance and relevant values.

€‹Stabilizing, repairing or compensating joinery that has deteriorated, been improperly repaired in the past, damaged by moisture, insects, deterioration or material failures.

Restoration, stabilzation or replication of veneers, inlay, marquetry, Boulle marquetry, paterae, carvings, turnings, gilding and all manner of applied surface decoration.
​Treatment and repair of hardware, glass, leather, bone, ivory and other attachments

Removal of modern overcoats to historic finishes. Restoring damage from UV light exposure. Blending finish losses by compensating these areas in a manner that is sympathetic to the original finish. Removing dirt, soot and grime from historic finishes with minimal alterations to the original or early surface finishes.

We have the capacity to quickly mobilize to be available anywhere in the country. This is especially important relative to disaster response and object triage.

Relative to disaster response, we have a long history and experience in working with insurance companies and in handling loss claims. We ensure that our clients as well as the objects in need are treated at the level of competency, organization and expediency that reflects all best interests.

Constructing conservation assessments as well as short and long term treatment recommendations and options.

We are especially sensitive to and experienced 
with the unique and challenging aspects of 
house museums as well as the non-museum environment of residential collections. We are 
adept at developing a collections care program 
for a single object or large collections in both of these settings.

"The culture of any society, whether it be primitive or highly civilized, 
is unerringly revealed by the material things which society  needs 
and the degree of skill which it displays in producing or acquiring them".
E. Milby Burton, Charleston Furniture, 1700 - 1825
Chest with drawers on stand, Rappahannock River basin, Va, circa 1755-70
Conservation by F.C. Vogt Company, 2008
Private Collection
James Monroe Ceremonial Armchair, Santi brothers, Rome, Italy, circa 1807
Conservation by F.C. Vogt Company, 2006
Museum Collection
Norfolk, VA Cupboard on Stand, circa 1765, by John Selden
Conservation by F.C. Vogt Company, 2000
Private collection